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Specialist in Viking and Roman School Visits for Key Stage Two of the National Curriculum.

Award winning living history services and presentations for classroom education.

Viking in school presentations for Key stage two. - Image copyrighted  Gary Waidson. All rights reserved.

Booking a Viking school visit.

A Viking school talk starts at 140 for a morning or afternoon session for 30 primary children, rising to 160 for 60 and 180 for 90.

Activity days are charged at 8.00 per child with a minimum charge of 345

In addition.

 I charge travelling expenses of 50p per mile, both ways from Oldham.


Please note. These are the prices for booking directly with us. You can also book my services through Murton Park but their pricing structure is now slightly different. It is worth checking both to see which works out best for your location and class size.

I am based in Oldham, Lancashire.  Depending on the size of the booking or project I can travel anywhere  within the UK. but for bookings a long way from Oldham, the traveling expenses and accommodation often becomes a deciding factor.

For booking, my school visits diary is now handled by Amanda at Murton Park

Phone 01904 489966 in office hours

For booking directly with us, you can contact my partner Debbie.

Phone 01706 671282


I look forward to visiting your school and meeting you all in the near future.

A Viking in school presentation for Key stage two. - Image copyrighted  Gary Waidson. All rights reserved.